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6691 120th Ave.
Fennville, MI

Purple Storm, Oil on canvas

Stantall Studio is the home of Painter and Digital Photographer/Artist Kathy Stanton. She paints in oils and digital imagery. Her impressionistic style shows up in both mediums. As she has developed as an artist the two mediums have influenced one another.

Michigan coastline is a favorite subject for Kathy. The sandy beaches as well as the orchards, fields, and Michigan's changing seasons lend themselves to both mediums. Working back and forth between the two mediums has lead her to create richly layered textures and color in all her work.

The studio is open by appointment.
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She likes to highlight aspects of the landscape around us that often go unnoticed. By exaggerating light, color, and composition she brings out the aspects of the image that she wants the viewer to notice. 

Kathy is a partner in the local gallery, Saugatuck Artists Collective, which shows the work of more than 20 artists representing a wide variety of mediums of both two and three dimensional work.

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Where to find Kathy's work:

Saugatuck Artists Collective
241 Culver St.
Saugatuck, MI 49453